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What problems do handmade products solve? Great question, maker!

Oh, you’re only asking because it showed up on some ideal customer avatar worksheet? There’s a reason you keep bumping into this question. It can be hard to answer. 

If you are like me when you think of ‘problems’ that need solving you think first of big issues like, world hunger, gun violence…

Handmade products aren’t going to solve those problems, that’s for sure.

You might think of other issues people regularly seem to seek to fix like weight loss or better health or learning a new language or skill. Again, likely your product doesn’t address those.

The problems your product does solve are worthy of investment.

The people who have those problems absolutely agree.

Your non-essential, luxury, just for fun, handmade item DOES solve someone’s problem though. To figure out what problem that might be, you need to expand your understanding of what a problem is.

People face problems every day. Usually, they are ‘minor’ compared to the sort of problems we tend to think of when we think of ‘problems’ that need solving as mentioned above. Minor as they might be, they are still very real problems for the people who face them though. The solutions aren’t going to be legislative or political, they are going to be products. 

Here’s what it could sound like when people have problems that products can solve:

“This one drawer is such a mess…”

“I’m looking for my dream wedding dress.”

“It is so cold in my office.”

“I can’t get comfortable at my desk.”

“I want something to brighten this space.”

“I keep losing my keys in my bag.”

“We need to preserve this memory.”

“Let’s put something special here to mark the spot.”

“It’s their 25th wedding anniversary, I want to give them something special.”

All of these are very real problems for the people seeking solutions.

ideal customers

When you are thinking about the ideal customer for your product, you want to be aware of the problems they face and how your product addresses those problems. You’ll ALWAYS hear about problem-solving in conjunction with the ideal customer avatar, they go hand in hand.

Once you know what problem your handmade product solves (another way to think of this is what benefits someone gets from using your product) you can build content and product descriptions around the solution. Demonstrating or discussing how your product resolves the problem for your buyer is essential! In order to do it you need to know the problem first.

In our Ideal Customer Match Class (free inside of The Council!) we walk you through a reverse engineering process that helps you match your product to the person who has the problem it solves. If you’ve struggled with ideal customer avatar exercises before (who hasn’t?) it’s likely because the ones you’ve encountered were not created for handmade product sellers, ours was! You would be shocked at how many questions become easier for you to answer as a business owner once you understand your ideal customer. For that reason and many others, sorting out your ideal customer is a worthwhile effort.

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