What The Bed-in-a-Closet Trend Can Teach You About Taking Action in Your Business

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Have you seen the ”bed-in-a-closet” trend on TikTok or Instagram? As I write this, it is also a trending topic on Pinterest. This might be the second wave, and I missed the first one because all of my searching tells me there was a lot of interest in this back in the spring of 2020.

Don’t worry, your familiarity with this trend is not essential in learning about taking action in your business. Timeline and specific trend actually don’t matter for this post; this was just the trend that was popping off when I wrote it. A new trend will come along.

Bed-in-a-closet is precisely what it sounds like: putting your bed in your closet.


Oh, so many reasons. Topping the list: coziness. 

Lesser, but still good reasons: quenching boredom, engaging the interior designer within, etc.

Home decor and improvement ventures have been a staple of pandemic life, and with Covid cases continuing to rise, staying home and keeping cozy through the winter months is an appealing option. The stage was set for this to take off.

It’s cute, cozy, looks dreamy, and relatively simple to accomplish since you do not need to build anything additional; just move things around a bit. 


Or so it is made to look.

I’ve seen several videos of bed-in-a-closet projects that went off without a hitch. I’ve also seen several where the project ended in disarray after the participant tore their room apart only to find the bed would NOT, in fact, fit into the closet. 

Sure, simply measuring first would have solved the logistical issue of the bed not fitting into the closet, but as someone who hates to measure things, I empathize.

What problem does putting a bed in a closet solve? How does this teach you about taking action in your business?

For most people, it doesn’t solve any problems, but if you have the time to do it and it turns out fine, the story has a happy ending. 

If you just get swept away in trends and shiny object syndrome, though, it has the potential to create problems that don’t exist. And it’s a distraction.

These trends pop up weekly, and some of them are more consequential than moving a piece of furniture. The point remains: just because it’s trendy doesn’t mean it’ll work for you or that it’s a “good idea” universally. When we don’t know how to audit ideas and trends for our own use, implementing them can create more problems than we had initially.

This isn’t to say never appeal to or try trends. It is to say, tread thoughtfully and take a few steps back first. 

For example, would appealing to a TikTok sound trend help your business gain visibility if visibility is currently lacking? Perhaps! The likelihood of that creating new problems for you is also relatively slim. Bonus, it won’t cost you much time or money usually to give it a try. On the other hand, we have bed-in-a-closet, which, while lovely, doesn’t ultimately solve any problems but has the potential to create many. 

When considering trends, consider your big picture goal and strategy. Then tread carefully. The best trends for you to appeal to are ones that will resolve problems you already have, or that at least won’t cost you a ton of time.

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