Why Being A Celebrity Artist Is Cooler Than Being a Regular Celebrity

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Danielle (um, me); Resident Celebrity Artist at The Merriweather Council

*please note, I am fully aware of the fact that I am not an international celebrity artist. But I am household name … in my own house.

1. People don’t really recognize you personally. 
Celebrity artists can still go to Starbucks without being bombarded.

2. People still really like your work. 
As a celebrity artist, you won’t have to worry that the interest in your personal life will outweigh or overshadow what you want to be known for: your work. Despite the fame and fortune, people still know you as the maker of your work.

3. When you release a new work, only the people who care will care.
When Britney Spears releases a new song, even those of us who don’t give a hoot about her, will be forced to participate – she is on the cover of magazines, she is on the radio in the car, she is on the radio in the store, she’s on TV, she’s at award shows – when a celebrity artist releases a new work, only the people who go to see it, presumably mostly fans, will have to experience it. And it probably won’t be publicized in places that ‘non artists’ go.

4. Celebrity artists only get written about in high end, cultural, respected magazines and newspapers…
and if they happen to be written about in some lesser quality publication, we disregard the information from that source. If the NYTimes is writing about Britney, I automatically conclude she’s done something questionable. When the NYTimes writes about a celebrity artist, well, that’s normal…

5. You don’t have to show your face that often.
…need I say more? If we don’t see you for a while we will speculate on what you are working on, not spread nasty rumors about your fall from grace.

6. You can have a show at a small gallery, and you’re still cool
…if Britney played Bruce’s Pub, we’d start to wonder about the condition and state of her career. But if a celebrity artist has a show at a local small town gallery, we think that’s cool.

7. People appreciate your eccentricities.
When Britney shaves her head, we assume she’s lost a few marbles, but when a celebrity artist shaves their head, we don’t really think twice about it, in fact, we probably think it’s cool.

8. Working from home is the first step, not the last.
We’ve seen it on Cribs – singers who have put recording studios in their homes (excuse me, “cribs”) but for us artsy people, working from home is the first step and then we move up to working in an off-premise studio.

9. Your house is still “home” not your “crib” 
… and there’s a lot less pressure to keep fancy champagne in the fridge.

10. You can show up covered in paint and grime and it’s a good look.
… same isn’t true for Britney.

11. You can talk about art and not sound like a poser.
… I’d really find it to be disingenuous if Britney started talking about Chuck Close.

12. You’re still approachable. 
Try to get Britney to respond to an email, I dare you.

13. Your work doesn’t over saturate the market.
It will take longer than 2 weeks after a celebrity artist releases something for the general public to feel like they’ve had enough of it. (Think, Justin Bieber)

14. You don’t have to deal with those pesky relationship combo names or other media generated lingo
There are no “Bieblievers” or “Brangelinas” in the world of fine art.

15. When you do something charitable we don’t assume it’s because it was court ordered.

16. Celebrity Artists can still be “real people”


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