Words and Phrases to Remove from Your Titles to Improve Etsy SEO

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Having listings be discoverable in Etsy search results is one opportunity that sellers can optimize for. It is not the only one, and it’s not even the most critical factor in a shop’s success. While it may not be the be-all, end-all some make it out to be, it’s worth doing what you can to make listings more likely to be found, by the right people, in Etsy search.

Before moving forward, SEO stands for search engine optimization and while this post is explicitly about Etsy’s native search function, I think many of these could carry over to Google search optimization as well!

Most posts we see on how to improve Etsy SEO will pertain to what TO put in your titles and tags. I want to share a few words and phrases you should remove from your Etsy titles (and tags) to improve Etsy SEO.

SEO keywords to avoid using in your Etsy titles


The word unique doesn’t tell us much. Instead, use words that describe what you mean by unique. What makes it “unique”? Is it bigger or smaller than the norm? Is it made of a material that other similar products aren’t? Instead of saying ‘unique,’ which is general, vague, and objective, describe the item’s features that make it unique in your niche.

Christmas gift 

Just about anything could serve as a Christmas gift, so this phrase doesn’t help a potential buyer narrow down their search. It’s also not very useful most times of the year. Instead, I would suggest giving more details on who it might be a suitable gift for or targeted occasions with more longevity like anniversaries.

Any keyword you made up / any code you use internally 

I love a good made-up word just as much as anyone, and they can help add personality and pzazz to your brand, but these don’t improve Etsy SEO unless people know to search for it. If you’ve made up a word, patented a product, brought it to Shark Tank, and it became a household name, that would be fine. For most of us, if that’s the case, we probably aren’t using Etsy, though. Instead of using made-up words, stick with words people would know to associate with your item. As far as codes go, here might be a need for this in your business model, and that’s fine; if you absolutely cannot avoid it, make sure to maximize the rest of your title space as best you can, but try to find another spot for that code.

Collection names (ie, Annabelle Collection, Paris Collection etc)

Naming a collection can be fun and meaningful from an artistic standpoint, and there is room to discuss that collection name and meaning in the item description but, again, unless the vast majority of people who don’t already know you know to search for it, it’s not helping you. Remember the point of Etsy search optimization is to be DISCOVERABLE to new people, not just findable to people who already know you exist.

Vague keywords

“Pretty”, “Adorable”, “super cute” — too vague and, again, objective. What does ‘pretty” really mean?  For a more optimized title, describe the elements that make the item pretty. Is it the color? What about the color? Is it adorable because it includes a certain element? What element? 

Etsy titles should strike a balance between highly specific and general enough to cast a wide net. SEO is not as complicated as I believe many people make it out to be, but it does take a bit of strategy to do well and approach so that your listings get and stay relevant for the long term.

The big takeaway here is that it’s always best to approach your titles as if they are written only for people who need what you have but have never seen what you have or know you exist.

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